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Instructional Videos

Exercise videos are under the exercise tab under class "learn more"

Paints with 3 Brushes, 3 Colors

Ink Wash with Dominick Tomanelli

Watercolors with Dominick Tomatelli

Drawing a Figure with Dominick Tomanelli

Painting Clouds with Dominick Tomanelli

Nancy Warwick Paints Trees

Rock Painting with Nancy Warwick

Quilters: Working with Colors

Grinch Wreath with Angie

Embroidery with Gemma & Janet

All About Evolution with Jim Mellett PhD

We are Stardust by Jim Mellett PhD

we are stardust.png

Embroidery with Gemma & Janet

What is Science by Jim Mellett PhD

Memorial Day Flatbread Fruit Pizza

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea by Jim Mellett PhD

Geology of Ball Pond by Jim Mellett PhD


Margerie Trail Update (passcode: r.u++0UG - that's a zero before the UG)

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