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Welcome to the New Fairfield Senior Center where the focus is on nutrition, exercise, education, community engagement, socialization and FUN!  

Come to meet new people. Strengthen friendships. Enjoy!

Video by Jason Wood

Senior Citizens are vital and productive people with compassion for others and a concern for the world around them. They possess the desire to share their experience with others for the betterment of life.


Thank you, Gunther and Bob, for all the hours you have spent leading Bodies in Motion 

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The Town Tribune article

Lunch reservations for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday must be made by Wednesday of the previous week. You can call in your reservation.
Suggessted donation is $3.00 on the day of the lunch.
Note that you can order a sandwich wrap for Monday but payment must be made when you place your order. Sandwich Wrap, a drink and a bag of chips is $6

New Fairfield Senior Center

33 Route 37

New Fairfield, CT  06812

Bus Reservations - 203-744-4070 (make reservations at least 1 day in advance)

Senior Center lunches 203-312-5665

Meals on Wheels  1-800-994-9422

Department of Social Services 203-312-5669

Phone: 203-312-5665

Fax:     203-312-5667

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